Public Lectures

'Zero Net Energy Lab Building', Harvard University Extension School, guest lecture in Paul Ormond's course, 'Zero Energy in the Built Space', Cambridge, Massachusetts, 2017

'Zero Net Energy Lab Building: The First Three Months', Architecture Boston Expo (ABX), Boston, Massachusetts, 2016

ZNE Lab Tour-Bristol Community College, International Institute for Sustainable Laboratories NE Chapter, Fall River, Massachusetts, 2016

‘Zero Net Energy Lab Building’, SNEAPPA Spring Meeting, Fall River, Massachusetts, 2016

‘Zero Net Energy Teaching Lab: A Case Study’, Tradeline College & University Science Facilities Conference, Boston, Massachusetts, 2015

‘A Zero Net Energy Teaching Lab’, DCAMM-DOER ZNEB Charrette, Boston, Massachusetts, 2015

‘Building a Zero Net Building for STEM. Improving Science, Technology, Engineering, Math, and Health Technologies Programs in a Zero Net Energy Building in the North East’, Community College Futures Assembly, Orlando, Florida, 2015

‘A Zero Net Energy Teaching Lab’, Architecture Boston Expo (ABX), Boston, Massachusetts, 2014

‘Sasaki: Scale/Process’, School of Art, Architecture, and Historic Preservation, Roger Williams University, 2009

‘Overview of the Israel Environmental Sciences Building Project’, Buildings for a Livable Future, Tulane University, 2001

‘Notes on the Nature of Program’, Summer Institute of Architecture, Catholic University of America, 1994



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"Using Geothermal Exchange Systems to Achieve Zero Net Energy in Cold Climates", in Tradeline, May 2017

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“A Massachusetts college now features the largest zero-net-energy academic building in Northeast”, in Building Design + Construction, December 2016 

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“Sasaki Associates leads the way with Zero Net Energy Building Achievement at Bristol Community” 
in New England Real Estate Journal, December 2015

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